AGRESS Fashions is planning a fashion show for the 29th of August 2013 in Bulawayo to showcase our vision through our forHER collection designed by our Co-Founder and CEO Sue-Ellen Memo. This collection will feature our signature ‘AGGRESS street’ look and our daring red designs for the ‘classy AGGRESS’ range.

The launch event will be a two-hour journey into the culture of our designs through a variety of artistic performances including dance and rap. These will act as a prelude to the main AGGRESS design showcase which will be carried out through ramp modelling. All this will take place in an expected crowd of 250 attendees who will be a mixture of students, boutique owners, fashion lovers, young entrepreneurs, community leaders, sponsors and other interested groups.

This will be the first step in the journey of our growing brand which we expect to feature in bigger showcases including the 2013 Zimbabwe Fashion Week and a follow-up AGGRESS fashion-show in November 2013. Designs from our launch show will be made available for purchase on the day in line with our aim of penetrating Bulawayo’s fashion houses in our first wave of brand expansion.



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